On Command Obedience Training - With over 1000 dogs of experience, you will love the results!

On Command Obedience Training is focused on providing expert training and behavioral help for total canine and customer satisfaction. Any issue you experience involving your dog can be addressed and resolved. I offer a variety of training options tailored to your dogs specific needs. 

 Please feel free to contact me at 650-867-2083.

On Command Obedience Training offers private lessons giving you scheduling flexibility and attention to issues specific to your dog. Obedience packages are available as well as individual sessions on a specific issue.

Group classes are offered on all levels.  Beginning obedience is comprehensive,  incorporating basic socialization and distraction work into traditional obedience training. Additional commands, that give greater control of your dog, are also taught.  This may be the only training class most dogs ever need to be happy, well mannered and under control.

Behavior and Socialization Consultations
Specializing in aggression issues, On Command can help you with all of the behavioral problems commonly encountered, ranging from house training, to excessive barking.  All types of aggressive behaviors, from resource guarding to on leash aggression can be greatly improved and or, eliminated completely. 

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